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July 18, 2022

Whether Gal: How Astrology Shapes the News, July 17, 2022 Edition

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Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares why we need to pay attention this week on the busy planetary movements. 

Neptune may have inspired a dreamy weekend, but get ready for a busy week ahead as the moon charges ahead into headstrong Aries.  It's time to be BOLD and COURAGEOUS!

It's also a great time to speak truth to power! Learn why in our forecast.

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And here's the weather forecast for the week of July 17.

It is Sunday and the moon is still in Pisces seeking to work with impressions and ideals. Now, I told you last week that patterns involving Neptune were aligned in a way that could facilitate a dreamy weekend escape. Because in the language of astrology, Neptune refers to illusions of the surreal and deception.

And it is fascinating that the new opinions section of the Sunday New York Times has on its entire cover the whole cover a story about magic, mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms that can help heal, potentially depression. And on the back of this very same section, how I became a pathological liar. Lies are another Neptune keyword. And what's amazing is that we can imagine that this section was planned days if not weeks in advance. And yet, these stories were published on a day where planetary patterns, the Sun and Mercury trine Neptune are exact.

Astrology is amazing!

So the week on Monday morning, the moon leaves Pisces and charges into Aries driving the next two days with a need to lead courageously, often impulsively, and sometimes selfishly because that's their raise, which explains why that route driver might cut in front of you on the freeway, you may notice an uptick in the pace of activity over the next few days. And if you need to make an especially persuasive argument, or do some down and dirty research, these next two days could be quite fruitful as Mercury, how we need to think and communicate and the sun leaders oppose Pluto power and resources suggesting power plays and a productive week for investigative reporters.

On Tuesday morning, Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo filtering the expression of thoughts and communication through Leo's need for improvisational drama and regal entitlement. Mercury will be in Leo until August 4.

Now the moon enters Taurus on Wednesday afternoon, driving the rest of the work week with a need to take the ideas generated at the beginning of the week, and turn them into something tangible. Now if your need for material comfort and security includes a massage or other sensual delight, go for it.

Otherwise, use the practical earthy energy of this Taurus Moon to fortify your kingdom. Now, why do we focus so much on the moon in this weather forecast? Well, think about it. From our perspective on planet Earth. The sun and the moon are the same size. But they're not. The sun is ginormous, and very very far away. The moon is small and quite close in comparison. But from on Earth, they're the same. And astrologers interpret this to mean that we should give equal weight to the moon in the horoscope. Same as we give the sun everyone knows their sun sign. Do you know your moon sign? You'll learn a lot about yourself and what drives you if you do.

Planetary patterns through the end of this week are less intense than those at the start. And those building through the weekend are fiery, expansive and indulgent. On Friday afternoon, Sun leaves Cancer and enters regal Leo the sign it rules. This is the height of the summer season here in the northern hemisphere, and every one is encouraged to play and shine and help others shine to fun and games are facilitated by the Moon in Gemini all day Saturday and Sunday.

So here's to a good weekend. That's the weather forecast for the week of July 17. And I'm your WEATHER GAL Elizabeth Grace. Back to you, Alison