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June 13, 2022

Whether Gal Forecast for Week of June 13, 2022

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Why is this the best week for closing deals and communicating? Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares it all in this week's whether forecast for the week of June 13th.

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And here is the weather forecast for the week of June 13.

It is Sunday. And as I'm recording this, the moon is in Scorpio, which needs to be appreciated for its depth and control. We're still processing Saturday's meeting of Venus and rawness in Taurus, which suggested themes of liberation, innovation and surprising revelation in matters of women, and aesthetics, food supply and social expression. And the patterns this Sunday morning were potentially heavy, an isolating pattern between the moon and Saturn, for example, was not warm and fuzzy.

And so here on the front page of The New York Times, we've got a couple of articles reflecting that, including one that's kind of depressing about the popularity of President Biden within his own party, and also the pressure that's on Attorney General Merrick Garland, as the revelations continue in the the ongoing January 6 committee hearings, so what is he going to do?

And surprise, surprise, fashion is a Venus ruled area, and leather is made from cattle, which is also ruled by Taurus. And so here we have this revelation about so called vegan leather that is not as environmentally friendly as one might think. Surprise, surprise, how does the New York Times know to put these stories reflecting planetary patterns on the front page astrology is amazing. Now, on Sunday night, Moon soars into Sagittarius free from Scorpios heavy control. So now is the time to express opinions that may be boundary pushing and righteous all the way through till Tuesday.

Emotions are running high, and illumination can be expected when the moon arrives at its fullness on Tuesday morning. Also on Tuesday, we have a shift when Mercury which is how we need to think and communicate leaves Taurus for Gemini, where it will be until July 5.

Now that suggests that the next few weeks are excellent times for negotiation, communication and closing deals. Finally, now that mercury is no longer retrograde an out of its shadow period. Moon enters Capricorn on Tuesday night driving the next 48 hours with a need to make things happen and humming in the background. And exact on Thursday morning are two patterns that are involved sun, Saturn and Neptune. So in the language of astrology, the sun refers to leaders of business and state. And Saturn refers to authority, structure and advance. So the upside those are the upsides The downside is cuts and also controls. Neptune refers to the surreal along with healing, illusion and deception. So together taken together, we have the potential this week to come to an agreement on a solid structured plan for healing and vision.

This is the upside; the downside would be an effective structure that's designed to poison the waters or demand a sacrifice or just fog up effects to go either way. On Thursday night moon enters Aquarius ready to innovate and network and humming in the background then, is a challenge between Venus money women and arts and Saturn which is exact on Saturday night.

Now, Venus Saturn contacts off often coincide with cold cutting and controlling experiences, especially with respect to women and money. So let that help you manage expectations for the news or if you have a hot date. Saturday night offers greater empathy and accommodation than Friday as the moon will then be in touchy feely Pisces and out of I love you but don't take it personally. Aquarius.

That's the weather forecast for the week of June 13th. And I'm your weather gal Elizabeth grace. Back to you in the studio, Alison