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May 29, 2022

Whether Gal Forecast for the Week of May 29, 2022

It may be a slow Memorial Day weekend but the week ahead is going to be jam packed! Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace will share all during this podcast.

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It may be a slow Memorial Day weekend but the week ahead is going to be jam packed! Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace will share all during this podcast. 

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And here is the weather forecast for the week of May 29. It is Sunday, and we're at the end of the lunar cycle with no light reflected by the moon. In these dark days before a new moon begins. It's not unusual to feel listless or restless, as we sense that something is coming around the corner.


But we don't know what the new moon begins on Monday morning, as the Sun and Moon meet up in Gemini. Now we have an opportunity to plant seeds for new ideas, new mindsets and new ways of communication. Your thoughts and words can move mountains, right, because they manifest in your physical reality. So what are you thinking about these days?

Given patterns in the chart for this Gemini New Moon, it would not be surprising to be thinking seriously about cuts and losses, or restructuring certain necessary controls. I say this because mercury how we need to think is in a tense pattern with Saturn, which in the language of astrology refers to structure and controls, and also depression and mortality.

And this makes sense, given last week's depressing headlines of yet another school shooting this time in Texas. It happened on Tuesday. And you may recall in last week's weather forecast, that action and assertion were likely to become especially prominent as Moon and Mars both entered Aries right on the heels of Jupiter. It was a big explosive burst of action and aggression and we're still talking about it.

As you can see, these are the headlines of the New York Times, all reflecting potential of planetary patterns.

On Wednesday, the moon enters cancer shifting our collective focus to creating and maintaining emotional security, especially in matters of home and family. And these concerns are likely to drive agendas until mid afternoon on Friday, when the moon enters Leo. Now a Leo Moon brings out drama queens and kings are only too happy to take the stage throw a party or issue a royal command. And that vibe flows through the whole weekend. Meanwhile, there are two planets changing direction this week. And whenever a planet appears to change direction from our perspective on planet Earth, it creates a focus on whatever the planet symbolizes in the way that someone leaning on the horn of their car commands our attention.

The two planets changing direction are mercury and Saturn, those same ones that are offering us Opportunities This week for such heavy thinking. Mercury turns direct on Friday morning, so be flexible in your travel plans and patient in all communications and electronic channels of information transmission transmission, or you go Saturn turns retrograde on Saturday night Saturn's day. And when Saturn is retrograde, our plans for administering progress may be up for review, and thus may be delayed. A retrograde planet is an opportunity for us to turn inward. Saturn refers to authority, structure and responsibility.

So when Saturn is retrograde, it's an app time to turn inward and solve problems not by blaming or looking to outside authorities. But by considering how you can become more response a bull yourself. And then when Saturn turns direct on October 24. You can move forward on your new strategy. Okay, so that's the weather forecast for the week of May 29.

And I'm your WEATHER GIRL Elizabeth grace. Back to you in the studio, Alison.