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June 6, 2022

Whether Gal Forecast for the Week of June 5. 2022

Discover how the moon in Leo impacted the Queen's big party!

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Discover how astrology and the movement of the planets could be impacting our news headlines.

Whether it's the celebrations and jubilations in the UK over Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee or the sadder expansion of gun violence in the US, there are planetary movements that could add additional context to the news.

Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares why this week it's time to get down to business!

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And here is the weather forecast for the week of June 5.

It is Sunday and the moon is wrapping up its stay in Leo. A weekend with moon in Leo is a fine time for celebrations, and its fiery need to love and be loved has been reflected in Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee celebrations across the pond since Friday. Stories in the United States, however, have been a little darker.

Given the scores of mass shootings we've seen in the wake of last month conjunction of Mars, the energy of action and Jupiter the energy of expansion in Aries, the sign of war, and metal and firearms. Now astrology anticipated this expansion. Especially since this Mars Jupiter conjunction is so significant in the horoscope of the United States. But look at the front page of today's Sunday, New York Times there is this photo. We have a mariachi musician, surrounded by flowers, and a party balloon in the background.

What's the story? It's about dozens of mariachi musicians who traveled by bus from San Antonio, Texas, to offer solace to families mourning, the school shooting and you validate. Now, mariachi music says the article in The New York Times quote with its trumpets, strings and serenades often conjures up images of jubilation or romance. It's costumed performers playing at Kinsey and eras, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Yet in truth, performers say the music traces the arc of life as a depth as accompanying depths of anguish as soaring triumph, unquote, is so interesting that on a weekend with the moon in leo, associated with celebrations and the heart, the New York Times put this image on the front page against all the other stuff going on. Astrology is amazing.

Now on Monday morning, Moon enters Virgo ready to put things back in order. So now is the time for sorting, organizing and selling your vision from making things right.

On Tuesday morning, we'll have the first quarter moon, which pits the Virgo moons need for exacting detail against the multitasking energy of the Gemini sun. So pick the most efficient option and pitch it moon enters Libra on Wednesday morning and is now focused on talking it out calmly, rationally and an emotionally.

A dispassionate approach may be challenging for some early Thursday morning, as the Libra Moon faces off against that fighting mad Mars in Aries. Balance they return by Thursday evening, and that's when the January 6 Committee is scheduled to begin its televised presentation of the findings of its month long investigation.

Humming in the background all week. Exact on Friday night is a harmony between Mercury which represents information and Pluto which plumbs the depths. That pattern bodes well for investigative journalists and other persuasive types. Also on Friday night, Moon enters Scorpio driving the weekend with its need to plumb emotional depths for the sake of consolidating power and control. Also humming in the background and exact on Saturday night. A meeting of Venus and Uranus and Taurus translation.

Be prepared for surprises in matters of the Earth, including food supplies, money, art, women and social expression. That's the weather forecast for the week of June 5. And I'm your WHEATHER GIRL, Elizabeth Grace.

Back to you in the studio,  Alison