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Aug. 22, 2022

Whether Gal Forecast for Astrology in the News, Week of August 21, 2022

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This week, look for quite an active weather system across the US as we get ready to feel the impact of planetary movements. Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares all the details!

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And here is your weather forecast for the week of August 21. And there are a lot of planetary patterns up above that will be reflected in the action here on earth over the next seven days. That is the premise of astrology. Planetary patterns, for some reason, reflect patterns in life development. And astrologers interpret planetary patterns as if they were a symbolic language that accurately describes past, present and future experiences in space and time. That that astrology is a language. I don't know why it's so accurate, but experience proves that it is.

Now on Sunday night, the moon entered Cancer, which suggests that the focus for the next two and a half days will be on matters involving emotional home and family security. Monday, which is today gets off to an exuberant start. And it's likely to be an excellent day for writers, deep thinkers, researchers, and investigative reporters. It's also the last day with the sun in fun loving Leo. And by midnight on Tuesday, the sun will be in Virgo. What can we say about Virgo? Well, Virgo is an earth sign, as opposed to fire water or air and thus it's associated with material earthly concerns. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, or their god Mercury if you're Greek or Roman and live 1000s of years ago, which is how we need to think and thus Virgo is also associated with an analytical approach to material concerns. And Virgos are known for being perfectionist in exacting detail.

Meanwhile, rawness which represents disruptions to the status quo has been demanding focus over the past several days, as it slows to a virtual standstill, from our perspective here on Earth and turns retrograde on Wednesday morning. It's not really going to move backwards. But that's how it seems from our perspective on earth. And the apparent dead stop in the sky is not unlike the driver of a car leaning on their horn. And with the rawness. The blaring car horn is likely to bring headlines involving revolution, accidents, aviation, Wake Up Calls, seismic activity, technological breakthroughs, all matters symbolized by rawness, in the language of astrology. Got that.

On Thursday, we have another shift as Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra, which is where it's going to be off and on until the end of October. The reason it's going off and on is because on September 10, Mercury will turn retrograde, which suggests that ideas that are generated now may be subject to review over the next couple of months, no big deal. This is, this is just what happens. This is the rhythm that we can track following these patterns, these planetary patterns.

Now, an apt coping strategy for Friday is to chill out. And I say this because the moon will not be in a pattern of focus. Whereas other planets are in patterns that are potentially provocative and generally disruptive. These patterns of excitation are the setup for the new moon we will have on Saturday, which will finally be focused on sorting things out in Virgo, eliminating what no longer serves.

So you guys have been so enthusiastic about how these patterns are reflected in the headlines. So yesterday, Sunday, the dominating pattern was an opposition between Mercury how we need to think information, data, written documents, and Neptune, which in the language of response to ology refers to music, confusion, ideals, fog.

And so our first exhibit is the cover of The New York Times Sunday magazine. This is a picture of Willie Nelson. And here he is a famous musician associated with his. And I think I think he I don't think I'm making this up. I think he's I think he's known for smoking pot. If I made that up, I'm sorry, but I, I think he is. And here he is on the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine, which is so cool, because you know, they planned this cover weeks ago, a long time ago. And here it is, on a day with mercury opposing Neptune here on the front page of The Sunday Times.

This is a really interesting photograph. It's a I said, Neptune refers to music. Mercury, refers to young people in the language of astrology. And so here we have young people in Ukraine dancing.

It's a surreal picture because they're surrounded by sandbags, and all of the trappings they have to have because they're under attack from the Russians. So mercury, Neptune refers to the surreal and music and victimization. And here is the picture that the New York Times decided to put on the on the front page on this aspect and this article over here.

Chaotic exit confusion, that mercury Neptune Trump delayed sorting. Don't you love that word sorting records? How Mercury in Virgo opposing Neptune is that and just to prove that it's not just New York. Here's the main story on Sunday and they focus more on stuff that's going on in the state of Maine not so much national and international things. But here we're looking at medical bills, leave patients confused. Mercury opposing Neptune. Astrology is amazing. And that's the weather forecast for the week of August 21. And I'm your weather gal Elizabeth Grace and back to you in the studio, Alison.