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Oct. 4, 2022

Whether Gal Forecast Astrology in the News for the Week of Oct. 2, 2022

Mercury finally moves direct starting Oct. 2 but what impact will that have! The planet symbolizing moving how we think, move and travel moves forward. Wait until Oct. 13th for its full power to be unleashed. What does that mean for us all?

Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares more in this week's forecast. 

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And here is the weather forecast for the week of October 2, and it is Monday. And in this weather forecast, I want to focus on a few key planetary patterns, some that are happening this week, and others that are in effect and lingering throughout the whole month of October, and in some cases beyond.

First, Mercury is no longer retrograde, the planet that symbolizes how we need to think, communicate, and travel about the country turn to react early Sunday morning in Virgo, where it is very much at home. It will take until October 17 for mercury to return to the place where it was when it turned retrograde on September 9.

So between now and then, we have potential for seemingly great ideas that came to us when Mercury was retrograde to be judged on second thought to be not so great after all. So we had an example of that this morning, when Britain's new prime minister Liz truss, announced the sudden reversal of a plan that would have eliminated the country's highest tax bracket. Sudden U turn Mercury changes direction and so does life on earth.

Now in the language of astrology, when a planet changes direction from retrograde and direct and vice versa, it appears to slow to a virtual standstill from our perspective on planet Earth. This virtual standstill offers an opportunity for us to focus on whatever the planet represents. So with mercury changing direction this week, we have an opportunity to focus and hone in our powers of observation and discernment. Mercury is in Virgo it separates the wheat from the chaff.

Another planet changing direction is Pluto, which refers to power, resources breakdown, transformation, especially in matters of government and corporate structures, and energy resources, such as gas and oil and plutonium. And so these issues may be blaring like a car horn all week, like this headline about concerned that Putin might test a nuclear weapon called Poseidon, which refers to Neptune god of the sea. So remember that fact for later in this forecast.

We will want to keep an eye on events around October 19 when Pluto will be in a challenging position to the Libra Sun, which refers to leaders. And as Pluto gets back up to speed, it turns direct on Saturday. events that may have been put on hold involving power in resources around April 29 may now move forward. April 29, is when Pluto turned retrograde.

Humming in the background all month, meanwhile, is a tense pattern between Saturn and rawness. Saturn refers to the old guard and necessary controls. rawness refers to the avant guarde. It is the disrupter that rebels against the established order. And ultimately, rawness which rules the future is going to win. But while these two planets are in this stubborn holding pattern, if you took geology in college, you can imagine two tectonic plates, pushing together, pushing together with neither one budging an inch. That's what we have going on energetically between Saturn, old guard and rawness on guard. And so you can see this tension reflected in the world around us in log jams in supply chains, for example, and also contests that may seem too close to call. And we saw that yesterday in the elections in Brazil, where there was no decisive winner. There you go.
The current vote whereas here we go. Yes. So the current president and his challenger who is a former president, so it's like it's the old boss who's the same as the new boss. I mean, it's just so like what which is, which is the future I don't know, have been forced into a runoff at the end of this month.

Another pattern in effect, and this one throughout the year is Mars in Gemini. Mars refers to action, courage and aggression. Gemini refers to words information and cleverness and note that Gemini is the sign of the twins to have them. Double talk, double speak. If you've been paying close attention to the news, you may have noticed an uptick in stories involving two sides, a dual nature, d u a l, but also a lot of stories about dueling natures d u E, L L I N G, dueling fighting a war of words, war words, weaponized. Okay, that's what we've been seeing.

Now Mars is also slowing down, preparing to turn retrograde on October 31. And as Mars goes through its retrograde period. One planet it will connect with three times, and it's gonna happen this month is Neptune. And in the language of astrology, Neptune refers to idealism and deception. Things may not be as they seem. And over the past few weeks, Neptune has been in touch with nearly other every other planet in the cosmic sandbox. So if you think the news has been weirder than usual, you're right. And it's not a surprise. Neptune also refers to fish. And if it looks fishy, it probably is.

Now, if you want details on where the moon is this week, and how that is likely to be experienced in your own personal world, that will be posted on my website at the end of the day on Monday. Finally, the reason there was no weather forecast last week is because I got COVID. And I'm going to tell you why I got COVID. So you can learn from my experience, and hopefully stay healthy. I got COVID Because I let my guard down. And I allowed myself to buy in to the dreamy potential reflected by Neptune's contact with so many planets. Over the last few weeks.

There were two members of my family that went on a trip across Canada. And one of them got a cold, a mild fever, a cough or runny nose. They didn't take a COVID test, because if they had tested positive, it would have been inconvenient for them to quarantine in Canada. So they decided to cling to the belief that all they had was a cold. And they didn't wear masks when they returned home and were around other people, including me. But I should have known better.

The truth inconvenient as it may be, is that if you or someone you know, has been traveling in close quarters with groups of strangers, you're at risk of catching COVID especially if you don't wear a mask. And I knew they had been traveling under these conditions. And I should have worn a mask when I was in their company. But I didn't. Because part of me wanted to believe in this Neptunian myth that wanted things to be what you know, that wanted to believe in this myth that I was just a cold and this is called magical thinking, and it is incompatible with reality.

So that's the weather forecast for the week of October 2. And, as Suze Orman might say, you stay safe. And I'm your WEATHER GIRL. Elizabeth Grace. Back to you in the studio, Alison.