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July 11, 2022

Whether Gal Astrology in the News Forecast for the week of July 10, 2022

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We are now in the hot days of summer but the planetary movements have got us thinking big and acting even faster! This is the week for bold action and innovation.

Discover what noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares is the best way to tackle and what headlines you can expect in this week in this week's forecast. 

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And here is the weather forecast for the week of July 10.

Now, I want to start by explaining why I emphasize what's going on with the moon. In this forecast, you see in the language of astrology, the sun symbolizes the energy of the day, and a fuel we have to work with.

But in astrology, and in real life, it's not always helpful to look directly at the sun to access its energy. You can go blind, staring at the sun. So what we can do safely is we can look at the moon, and how it reflects the light of the sun. And we can use whatever sign the moon is traveling through, which always changes to gain an understanding of how we should best apply the energy of that sun.

On any given day, we look to the moon, what is the moon reflecting? How is it traveling through the sky? How is it making contact with the other planets. That gives us a roadmap for how things are likely to unfold here on planet Earth as above, so below.

So the sun is in Cancer, which represents the energy of creating emotionally security. Sunday and Monday, the moon will be in Sagittarius, which needs to express ideals and opinions that are usually boundary pushing.

So if your mission this week, is to be of influence the start of the work, we can support your pitch, especially if you appeal to your audience's need for emotional security.

Other planetary patterns this week, we'll support thinking outside the box so you can feel free to innovate and reach beyond your usual networks. Got that? Send me a question. If you don't understand. I'll answer it.

Now on Tuesday morning, the moon shifts gears into Capricorn. And so over the next two days, the need to make something happen in a way that achieves status and a sense of accomplishment becomes of paramount importance. This need to take care of business for the sake of practicality, regardless of how it feels reaches a crest on Wednesday afternoon when the Capricorn moon is full.

On Thursday morning, Moon enters Aquarius driving the rest of the work week with a need to be of social significance. The moon enters Pisces on Saturday morning, likely facilitating greater empathy and accommodation than the more streamlining patterns and rigid patterns we may see at the close of business on Friday.

Meanwhile, if you are an artist or a spiritual type, this whole week, offers a few wonderfully inspiring patterns happening on Thursday and Saturday. These patterns involve Neptune, which in the language of astrology refers to dreams, pixie dust and rose colored glasses. So I hope you've planned a beautiful weekend escape.

Finally, last week, I told you that Mars which refers to action, and war and aggression would enter Taurus on July 5, and that Mars in Taurus is known for being enduring.

Check out this headline from the front page of Sunday's New York Times about the Ukraine war. Now, this battle is a battle of endurance. Astrology is amazing.

That's the weather forecast for the week of July 10. And I'm your Whether Gal,  Elisabeth Grace. Back to you in the studio, Alison