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Oct. 17, 2022

Whether Forecast: Astrology in the News, Week of Oct. 16, 2022

The week starts on an emotional bent with the moon in Cancer. Sensitivities are high, so take care. By Monday night, ruffled feathers will be smoothed out and those ready to put their money where their mouth is. The energy of action and assertion is in the air! Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares what that means for you!

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And here is the weather forecast for the week of October 16.

It is Sunday, and the moon is in Cancer, driving the next two days with a focus on emotional family and home security.

On Monday afternoon, some people's sensitive feelings may clash with others who are more concerned with the appearance of everyone getting along. And this is one potential reflection of Monday's third quarter moon between the relationship focused Libra sun and the feeling focused cancer moon. But by Monday night and into Tuesday, chances are that ruffled feathers will be smoothed out. And what we then might see is a demonstration of those willing to not only walk their talk, but to put their money where their mouth is. And I'm saying that because this week begins with the energy of action and assertion, Mars in harmony with the sun and Venus leaders, money, values, and women. It's not a bad time to make the creative pitch.

And especially on Tuesday, when the moon will be in Leo focused on finding ways to shine and helping others shine to a day driven by moon and Leo supports a playful spirit and drama kings and queens. pay someone a compliment and it just might pay you back. Tuesday has an easier fiery flow than Wednesday. And I say this because the Leo Moon encounters a few speed bumps mid morning on Wednesday.

Also, the sun and Venus are in a tense relationship with Pluto, which in the language of astrology refers to power and resources, oil, coal, and nuclear. And also power plays sometimes in the extreme. So watch the headlines. And if your unique horoscope is affected by the Sun Venus Pluto patterns, you may experience this in your relationships, which may have greater depth and intensity this week.

By Thursday afternoon, the moon will be in Virgo facilitating the use of discerning insight to put everything back in order in exacting detail. patterns over the weekend are intriguing. On Saturday, the sun and Venus are come together to the very end of Libra, suggesting a critical mass or a crisis point in diplomacy and balance in relationship. This may result in powerful seeds being planted for a new cycle communicated with compelling, sobering authority, which reflects a Trine a harmony between Mercury how we need to think and Saturn. And speaking of Saturn, it's now Saturn's turn to command our attention as it becomes the third planet to change direction.

On October 1, we had Mercury which turned direct, then Pluto, which turned direct, and now Saturn. So what that means is from our perspective on planet Earth, Saturn has been appearing to move backwards in the sky since June 4, reflecting here on Earth, in the slowing of progress of certain ambitious advances. But on Sunday morning, Saturn turns direct, and gradually moves forward again, and so should be ambitious advances that were slowed this summer. Saturn refers to authority, structure, responsibilities, and controls. And these things are likely to be blaring like a car horn now in all week.

So, for example, this is from the Washington Post and authority and control is a big Saturn keyword. So leaders of democracy
increasingly echo Putin in authoritarian tilt. And in China, China's leader strikes a defiant note warning of stormy seas, okay. But down here from the New York Times, extending his authoritarian rule over the country, and China, what's going on in China right now is a fantastic reflection of this week's planetary patterns. And President Xi's own personal horoscope is under a uniquely expansive period in his development. So at the end of this week, at the 20th, Communist Party Congress in Beijing, it is expected that he will be declared the party leader, expanding his control over the country for another five years. Again, an amazing example of the potential suggested in the week's planetary patterns.

Now, if you haven't checked out the written forecast that's on my website, please do. I started writing about the news over a decade ago. And the original conceit was to see if an understanding of planetary cycles could be used to anticipate what we'd see in the paper of record, which is the New York Times. And it turns out, it can.

So this is the New York Times Magazine, for example, one of the fun things that I've discovered in the years of tracking the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns in the news. This magazine is probably planned weeks in advance, but very often, I will look at the headlines and the photos and the stories that are published at the time. You know, when this thing is published on Sunday arrives at Well, it came on Saturday. It's a reflection of the planetary patterns for that week.

Last week, I told you about Mars square Neptune. Surreal fog being pierced by the reality of a harmony between Venus and the Sun, women and leaders and Saturn. Saturn is reality. And this cover is this is Cate Blanchett. So we have a woman here a very powerful woman of authority on the cover. This is the culture issue. All right, so Well, okay. They could say all kinds of things about the culture. But wait till you see what they say. This photograph, her image is blurry. It's actually blurrier when you look at it in real life than when you see it on the image. But look at the dark colors, the harshness, the softness, it's somber, this is very Saturn. So we've got this blurry Mars Neptune with Venus, Saturn, the harshness. And then you look at the table of contents, you know, action figure is the first one action figure that's Mars, the hero, and it's talking about how action figures are used as propaganda, which is Neptune. So there's a reality check Saturn on this Mars Neptune thing.

We've got a medical story here. It's about a case involving a young athlete, a woman, but athlete is Mars, and she suffered a concussion. Mars rules the head, and the symptoms were dizziness, and confusion, which is Neptune. So we get to figure out you know, what's wrong with her? The ethicist that's a weekly column. The question is, what should you do if you think your stepson is actually a neighbor's biological child? Neptune. Things are not as they seem. letter of recommendation.

This is a TV show a cartoon show called Pingu. It's been around for a while. And the the logline here is this children's show teaches everyone, even adults to embrace the meaning. There's got to be meaning in there somewhere in a made up language, made up language. Mars is in Gemini, which is language, but Neptune is make believe even the recipe this week. It's a butternut squash and lasagna pie. And the description for it is an autumnal pasta dish becomes a seasonal reverie. Wherever he is a daydream, a daydream. That's so net Do and then the bulk of the the articles here about the culture issue. Vanishing act about Cate Blanchette vanishing is Neptune. Divine Comedy divine.

This is Neptune the spirits spiritual secrets and lies on page 50 Well that's pretty Neptune making it all up as we go along.
And then 54 on page 54 role play about people pretending to be somebody they're not. I don't know how the New York Times does it. But astrology is amazing.

And that's the weather forecast for the week of October. What week is it? 16 And I'm your weather gal Elizabeth Grace. Back to you in the studio, Alison.