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Aug. 15, 2022

Whether Forecast Astrology in the News, Week of August 14, 2022

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You may hit the ground running on Monday with a moon in Aries fueling a lot of entreprenurial action but just wait until the weekend when Mars moves into fast-talking Gemini. Could a war of words be on the horizon? 

Noted astrologer Elisabeth Grace tells us why during the next seven months it's going to be the time to walk our talk in this week's episode.

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And here is the weather forecast for the week of August 14.

It is Sunday evening, and the moon is in Aries driving the next few days with a need to lead fearlessly getting something started, gets a big boost on Monday morning, perhaps motivating you to arise, go forth and conquer.

Don't hesitate to think outside the box this week and reach out to an eclectic assortment of potential allies.

Tuesday evening offers us a natural break in the action. And this is a time to stick to routine concerns and Don't make a mountain of crisis out of a molehill. A Go Go Go drive of the Aries moon may lose steam on Tuesday night, and that's your cue to chill.

On Wednesday, the moon will have moved into Taurus and now the day is driven by a need to build something materially comfortable and secure out of the bright ideas that hit you at the start of the week. If your need for comfort includes a few sensual delights these days with Moon in Taurus are a fine time to indulge especially with a rare harmony early Thursday morning between two planets Venus and Jupiter that are associated with good fortune and good times.

If you have a favorite to ask. And this Venus Jupiter Trine connects with your own personal horoscope you may be in luck and if you don't know if this Venus Jupiter Trine connects with your own personal horoscope, now is the time to consult your local astrologer happy to help.

On Friday morning. The moon leaves Taurus and enters Gemini driving the next few days with a need for fun facts and multiple forms of entertainment. The biggest planetary shift of this week happens on Saturday morning, when Mars which refers to action assertion and aggression leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. The good news is that Mars functions more effectively in Gemini than it does a Taurus. And so things are likely to move faster than they have over the past two and a half months, roadblocks may be released. And we see the potential for multitasking and double talking to a fault. That's because Gemini is a natural born, communicator and salesperson. So with Mars in Gemini, we can expect notable action and assertion in communication and sales.

Here's an example. Mars refers to war. Gemini refers to words. With Mars in Gemini, we have an increased potential of a war of words, or perhaps even a war on words. Mars will be in Gemini for seven months, which is three times longer than its travels through Taurus. That's because Mars will turn retrograde at the end of October. And it won't move forward until mid January. And it won't lead Gemini until the end of March. My sense is that this long journey of Mars in Gemini will challenge us all to review how honest we are about walking our talk.

So because people left nice comments on the YouTube channel, and said how much they liked looking at the headlines of the day with actual pictures. I'm not in New York, but I did print out the New York Times front page.

And the two patterns that I'm seeing on the front page have to do with the opposition today between Saturn, which is debt mortality, downside downsizing, necessary controls, and the sun, just life force. And also we have a trine between Mars the energy of action, and Pluto, which fills it up to the extreme. And the moon is in Pisces. So that's water, right.

So here on the New York Times the big picture that they chose, it's a picture of a dam. Kind of funny because Mars is in Taurus, so things get kind of stuck when Mars is in Taurus. And it's all about the you know, the forecast that what really needs shake up California isn't an earthquake, but the anticipation of this giant storm system that might come in at some point in the near future and and really pack a wallop on California. So this is heavy losses and mortality and great force at play. It's really interesting.

And what else do we have? Well, over here on the Guardian, I said Saturn refers to debt. So it's really interesting that there's top story on their front page today says Indonesians on UK farms face risk of debt. Bondage. Isn't that interesting? Pretty cool.

And meanwhile, in Maine, which is where I am not so much national news, but the local news in Maine hear this paper out of Portland. There's a housing crisis. There really people are really feeling squeezed the scarcity, the sense of lack and the remedy for it. On their opinion page. Saturn refers to our parents, and they're thinking about people should be moving in with their parents.

So there you have it. Astrology is amazing. And it's in the headlines every day. That's the weather forecast for the week of August 14. And I'm your weather gal. Elizabeth grace. Back to you in the studio, Alison.