Welcome to our new podcast series!
Jan. 2, 2022

The Year of Love - 2022 - Podcast Trailer

The Year of Love - 2022 - Podcast Trailer
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Welcome to 2022! Which according to Tibetian numerology, IS a number 6 year. Which means, it’s the Year of Love.

I’m Alison Woo and I want you to JOIN me as we set off on a grand adventure THE YEAR OF LOVE podcast series will spend the next 51 weeks focused on helping YOU create a life YOU can love!

  • ·  I’ll share with you what I’ve learned along the way that works for me.
  • ·  We’ll talk to lots of inspiring and fascinating people to learn what works for them
  • ·  And since we are all works in progress, TOGETHER  we’ll ALL learn how to consciously create our BEST lives . We will do that by focusing on our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical selves.

So grab a friend and a cup of coffee and tune in each Sunday and let’s start the week off INSPIRED!

Look for THE YEAR OF LOVE podcasts on Spotify or any one of your favorite podcast networks and subscribe today!

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